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TECHTEXTIL 2019 Exhibition Logistics Form

If you are attending Techtextil 2019 and have equipment, material, and/or displays that need to be transported to the show ground, including final delivery to your stand, contact us today.

Delivery Deadline and Shipping Instructions

In order to make sure that exhibit materials arrive in a timely manner, it is important that they arrive at the designated consolidation point. For current deadline dates please see below.


AIR FREIGHT CUT OFF: April 30, 2019

To Schedule Your Shipment


Call: 704-756-6425

Cargo Insurance

We recommend that all exhibitors obtain and maintain all-risk cargo insurance covering materials from point of origin through exhibition to other point of destination and/or return. Round-trip coverage is available through CLN Worldwide. Cargo/Exhibition coverage only covers the exact invoice value plus a pro-rata share of freight transport costs. This insurance does not cover market loss or mysterious disappearance. As we are unable to obtain market loss coverage, you might consider investigating this option.


Exhibition charges covering transportation from origin to destination and delivery of product to your stand, are due to delivery of goods. CLN will automatically bill out all charges, including those of our on-site partner (if applicable).

Methods of payment:

  • Check

  • Automatic Debit

  • Wire Transfer

Download PDF. Fill out ALL information. Scan and email back to us.
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