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  • Leah Barrier

You're Not Doing Enough

Climate Change

Climate Action 100+, an investor driven initiative taking on climate change, released data suggesting the predominance of the companies responsible for mass pollutants are not aligning their business models with effective implementations to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The group, which oversees $35 trillion hopes its members can push corporate boards to change and work toward cutting their net emissions to zero by 2050, a request that will drastically alter life for many of the world’s biggest companies.” [Investors to Ask Companies to Be CO2 Neutral by 2050, Supply Chain Brain, October 7, 2019]

As the pressure surmounts around cutting carbon emissions and as the world demands change, pushback from the mega corporations is inevitable. In a statement by Stephanie Pfeifer, Vice Chair of the initiative, “Investor engagement through Climate Action 100+ is playing a major role in changing corporate attitudes on climate change. We must now build on the momentum achieved to date if we are to succeed in addressing the climate crisis.”

Political lobbying and ulterior strategies aside, if the majority of the 161 companies being targeted to reduce emissions continue with their current model, they will collectively drive warming on a global scale up by more than 2 degrees Celsius.

As of now, only 8% of the companies mentioned above are altering necessary procedures within their corporation to ensure they stay on path for reduced emissions with direct actions taken on climate change. Companies are under no requirement to implement Climate Action 100+’s advice, however the slow progress and reluctancy to adopt carbon reduction policies are proving to be a bit daunting to investors. Forward progress will warrant full cooperation and written compliance disclosed on a regular basis from these companies, summarizing their alignment with the global climate agreement.

The companies under direct scrutiny are not solely gas and oil corporations, but rather, the businesses and industries responsible for impactful global emissions. Other sectors include: automotive, utilities, and consumer based.

If you would like to integrate climate conscious initiatives into your current business model, or have particular questions on how to reduce carbon emissions within your current supply chain, reach out to us today for a consultation.

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