• Leah Barrier

Outsource Logistics

When Optimization Meets Customization to Create Streamlined Supply Chain Efficiency

Eliminate all shipping and logistics. CLN has the ability to fully integrate into your systems and function as your in-house logistics and operations team. Leverage the contracts and experience of our global network and remove the overhead to manage. Let us explain.

The inherent issues prevalent within the logistics industry as it currently sits, are the arduous levels of communication between freight forwarder, agent, Customs, insurance agreements, consignee, supplier, trucking company, airports, ocean carriers, etc. The communicative flow can be a nightmare.

By funneling logistics and overall supply chain management into one single entity, you immediately eliminate unwarranted gaps in information. Having multiple unrelated parties in the transaction creates opportunities for mistakes. Mistakes you don’t have time for.

CLN emphasizes the solution. By prioritizing customer service, risk management, predictive analysis, controlling transportation costs, facilitating supplier/partner relationships, and understanding government and environmental regulations, we are able to provide unequivocal resolutions to issues otherwise capable of sabotaging entire shipments.

David Sitton, CEO of CLN, referred to our operations team in a recent interview with Business in Focus as, “The Olivia Pope [Scandal reference] of the international logistics world. Companies often find themselves in a mess, and we solve the problem for them.”

CLN comprehensively covers the following areas of service:

Valuating services offered at such an elevated level of thorough competency is near impossible - priceless even. Increased efficiency and visibility in regards to transportation, documentation and regulations can directly impact your business by reducing costs, providing scalable solutions and responsiveness, and giving you 24/7 access to knowledge. All of these conjunctively result in overall business growth.

Direct and open communication is key. Questions and issues will arise, even with a detailed forecast. Having a logistics partner you can trust is critical in supply chain and business optimization.

If you are having any issues with your current supply chain and would like for us to consult on possible solutions that may have been overlooked, feel free to reach out to us HERE.

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