• Leah Barrier

Automation's Persuasive Effect on Customs Filings

Autonomy has relentlessly been one commonality prevalent in today’s conversational nuances regarding freight forwarding and their projected business models. While the comprehensive uptake has been predominantly communicative, implementations industry wide are becoming ubiquitous. Why should the impending inclusion of Customs Filings be any different?

Ty Bordner, the senior vice president of marketing and business development at Amber Road goes as far as referencing the less than 5% of freight forwarders still self filing, by saying this particular digitalization would be a “game-changing paradigm”. To his point, automated inception in any form could easily be classified and filed in the ‘game-changing’ category. Automating any procedure increases speed and efficiency tenfold. However, the question remains, what then happens to the administrative jobs previously employed for what the automated software now does, well, automatically?

In short? Evolve.

The answer resides in the continual adaptation and progression of the industry as it implements automated processes and blanketed technologies. The sustained need for human interaction and oversight remains, indefinitely.

Bordner continues his conclusive insights by exemplifying autonomous vehicles. “You ask people when they think autonomous vehicles will become [universal]. Some say five years, others 10, 20 or even longer. Nobody argues that it’s going to happen; it’s just a question of when. By the same token, one day the act of keying and filing work by a broker or a forwarder won’t be needed. Now they do other things, and are evolving just like anybody else. The value-added services they provide can still exist and provide value, but having people key data in to do this work will ultimately not be required.” [Video Q&A | A ‘Game-Changing Paradigm’ for Customs Filings – Supply Chain Brain]

Evolution is inevitable in the freight forwarding industry, and automation is in the driver’s seat. Partnering with a logistics team comprised of competent freight forwards is essential to the longevity of your supply chain and business profitability in general.

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