• Leah Barrier

Strategic Supply Chain Optimization

Technological advancements and current supply chain implementations are consistently surpassing historical improvements. The rate at which digital integrations are being adopted is quickly transforming the procedural adaptation of supply chains across the globe.

The continuing evolution of these logistics solutions is enabling businesses to fully optimize their supply chain, end-to-end, both monetarily and procedurally. How can you implement these strategies to improve your business’s supply chain?

Autonomy, AI, robotics, blockchain, etc., developed to increase the speed and visibility of managing all aspects of a consistently growing supply chain. The primary objection in conversations involving fully automated supply chains is the human aspect of thought and comparative analysis.

One Network Enterprises have recently implemented newly developed software and technology in hopes to cover all bases in reference to human intelligence. In an article conducted by Supply Chain Brain, Greg Brady, CEO divulged information alluding to a “single version” platform capable of real-time metrics. The article goes on to state, “the release includes enhancements to NEO, One Network’s proprietary machine learning and intelligent agent technology that makes and executes decisions, enabling autonomous supply chain management. This technology increases resilience to demand fluctuations, supply partner issues, and internal and external supply chain disruptions.” [Supply Chain Dive, September 10, 2019]

Other companies are following suit. Since the inherent demand for scalability, increased speed, and effortless onboarding are all primary prerequisites in the logistics industry today, we can conclude the quick expansion and implementation of various supply chain optimization tools and software programs.

Common supply chain metrics in need for comprehensive optimization include:

  • Forecasting

  • Warehouse optimization

  • Inventory optimization

  • Various service metrics

Companies like Ware2Go are attempting to streamline the process of optimizing fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution all in one. “We are leveling the playing field by providing businesses of all sizes visibility and operational insights to guide decisions and optimize their supply chains. By putting our customers in control of their fulfillment processes, we’re helping them improve their distribution networks, compete at scale and grow their businesses.” [Patrick Cadic, VP of Sales and Marketing for Ware2Go in an interview with Supply Chain Brain on September 9, 2019]

It is no secret that the continued success and future growth of a business lies within the level of optimization they are willing to invest in. We want to know your thoughts on this. What optimization tools are you using to help streamline processes? What specific metrics are you analyzing and how often are you measuring them?

If you have an interest in learning more about how your business can run more efficiently, or questions concerning your supply chain in general, feel free to reach out to us for a thorough consultation.

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