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International Air Freight Forwarder

International Air Freight Services

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What is an International Air Freight Forwarder?


An International Air Freight Forwarder manages and initiates the logistics network of a shipment. International trade requires forwarders to have expertise in reviewing commercial invoices, shipper's export declaration, bill of lading (BOL), and other import/export documentation and compliance necessary for transportation. An international air freight forwarder moves goods from a manufacturer to the final distribution point by passenger airplane or air freighter.

Full Service International Air Freight Forwarding

If you are shipping expedited air freight on a global scale, it is important to work with an international freight forwarder that can provide streamlined efficiency and visibility throughout the entire process. The three main areas of focus are: Air Cargo, Documentation, and Regulations. The freight forwarder would provide Air Freight Logistics, Customs Clearance Services, and Compliance and Regulatory guidance.

How Does an International Air Freight Forwarder Work with your Business?

International Shipments: An international air freight forwarder with a global reach has access to a vast network of Airlines, and Trucking Companies. The air freight forwarder will have contracts with these carriers resulting in a more competitive, efficient, and secure shipping environment for Exporters and Importers. International air freight forwarders will have the ability to coordinate with the airlines, accurately generate the required documents, track shipments, file insurance, and meet the governmental requirements needed for your shipment. Partnering with a qualified global air freight forwarder can help streamline your supply chain.

International Documentation: Shipping packages and/or freight globally can be a highly complicated and stressful situation. Partnering with an international air freight forwarder eliminates what can be a significant and costly distraction from your core business. An air freight forwarder manages your complex supply chain by determining the required documentation needed for international air shipments based on the products/commodity you are shipping, the countries of origin and destination, and the parties involved in those transactions. The air freight forwarder then prepares those documents and works with the relevant government agencies to enable the movement of your shipments internationally.

International Compliance: In addition to the documents required for the transportation of your shipment there are often licenses required for the Import and Export of certain products. The U.S. governmental agencies that require licenses and or the adherence to specific guidelines include: USDA, APHIS, FDA, CBP, TSA, BIS, OFAC, DDTC, to name a few. Other countries have similar agencies and requirements that must also be followed. A knowledgeable air freight forwarder will help you determine and meet those international requirements based on the specific factors of your shipments.

What Impact Can an International Air Freight Forwarder Have on your Business?

Grow Your Business: International Air Freight Forwarders provide quick and seamless access to international markets. The ability to reach the demands of your clients across the globe in an expedited manner opens immeasurable opportunities for expanding businesses.


Cost: An international freight forwarder can lower the overall cost of your shipments by offering consolidation when necessary, by comparing competitive rates using digitized rate management systems, and by managing multiple sectors within air freight logistics, simultaneously.

Access to Knowledge: It is no secret that air freight logistics can be a complex business. Shipping, documentation, and Customs all bring their fair share of challenges. Working directly with a qualified international air freight forwarder provides valuable knowledge and experience not available elsewhere. Air freight forwarders can give industry insight and best practices on a global level.

International Air Freight Guidance for your Global Business

Sourcing an international air freight forwarder is critical to delivering on expedited shipments. Your air freight forwarder should have a global network, expertise in your products, their transportation and customs requirements, and be readily available to advise you through the professional and regulatory hurdles. For further assistance or guidance on your products and in your markets, please contact our team HERE! 

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