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Guaranteed Service

Shipments that cannot fail. Orders that cannot be late. Facing a deadline with penalties or a team scheduled to meet the shipment. In situations that cannot afford to have a shipment arrive late, CLN provides its Guaranteed Service.

In each case the specific circumstances of the shipment are accessed and the necessary resources are deployed in order to ensure that the shipment arrives on-time.

This service is more than an expedited or express product.

It includes a team of highly skilled logistics professionals that are analyzing the origin, the destination, the packaging type, the time frame requirements, the routing options, the carriers available and the risks and uncertainties involved based on each of these factors. The team then builds in a series of fail safes to ensure that the shipment arrives - guaranteed.

Services Include:

International Air Freight

International Ocean Freight

Domestic Air Freight

Domestic Truck Service

Routing and Transit Analysis


If your shipment requirement rises to the level that late arrival is not an option, contact CLN at 704.756.6425 or

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