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Documentation Services

Documentation is an essential component of the logistics process and a key determinate in the overall success of a company’s supply chain.

Navigating transportation issues, financing concerns, customs, and regulatory agencies requires documentation that is complete, accurate, and presented to the appropriate parties.

CLN’s documentation group works closely with companies to identify the necessary documents that are needed, prepare those documents, and present them to the appropriate agencies.

Accurate and complete documentation not only facilitates the efficient movement of material through the supply chain, but also serves as an effective form of risk mitigation, preventing fines, penalties and delays, and protecting against future audits.

Areas of Documentation Include:

  • Bills of Lading

  • Commercial Documents

  • Certificates of Origin

  • Letters of Credit

  • Sight Drafts

  • Customs and Regulatory Forms and Documents

  • IncoTerms

Connect with our Documentation Team to discuss and review the necessary documents for your shipments.

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