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Customs Broker

Customs Broker Services

The Right Customs Broker For You

Partnering with an exceptional customs broker ensures your imported goods are cleared at the border in an efficient, safe, and timely manner. Customs brokers can help importers with digital and offline documentation, relevant taxes, and current duty rates for a particular commodity. Finding an expert broker can streamline your supply chain by foreseeing any regulatory amendments with precision. For further assistance or guidance on compliance, US Customs, or government regulations please contact our team HERE! 

Phone: 877-755-5413

As per the Department of Homeland Security, a customs broker is defined as a private individual, partnership, association or corporation licensed, regulated and empowered by U.S. Customs and Broker Protection (CBP) to assist importers and exporters in meeting U.S. government requirements governing imports and exports. 

Full Service Customs Broker

A customs broker must have procedural expertise, be fully aware of any requirements based on admissibility, comprehensive knowledge regarding tariffs and duties, and also retain fluency in commodity classification and valuation.

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