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Managing Complex Global Supply Chains for Leading Companies


Transportation Management | Sourcing, Guidance, Planning | Compliance & Regulatory | Client Visibility Platform

Leverage the Knowledge and Resources of Our Entire Platform

Eliminate Tracking Down Shipments and Status Location

Break Down Barriers to Transact on a Global Scale


The best customer experience is with co-managed supply chain solutions 


#1 In International Visibility


We've spent the last 19 years helping businesses just like yours simplify their supply chain and optimize their logistics department.

"We have been working with CLN for over 10 years – since the beginning of Polar Bear Coolers. They have a great team with perfect service, which allows us to focus on our business without the worry of any import hassles. CLN makes us feel like we are a top priority, which is why I never consider using another forwarder in a highly competitive marketplace."

Geoff Cole, Polar Bear Coolers

"When I contacted CLN we were almost in a panic to have a package delivered to the UK before Christmas.  Due to an oversight on our part we had less than a week to get our customer’s packages to the UK.  We attempted to resolve this ourselves with no success.  Once I contacted CLN I knew we were in good hands.  Woody and team acted quickly to coordinate not only getting the packages on a flight but also arranged a courier in the UK to deliver the packages to the recipient’s residence so they would have their gifts prior to Christmas.  Without the help of CLN our reputation would be permanently tarnished with our customer.  We can’t say thank you enough for resolving our mistake and saving Christmas for our valued customer." 

Leslie Mathews, Nordstrom

"CLN has been handling all of our global logistics since 2004. They have helped us ship cranes from every corner of the globe; from Brazil to Dubai. CLN has made a complex process much simpler for us."

Patrick Stafford III, Stafford Crane Group


3 Steps To Scale Your Company


Schedule a Call

Every international transportation issue is different - so the solution to your logistics issues should be specific to your company.


Analyze Current Model

It's important to understand the current market your company is navigating in order to create effective solutions.



Scale Your Company

CLN will create an effective supply chain strategy that we will execute and integrate together.

Why Work With CLN?

At CLN Worldwide we know you want to scale your business with a simplified supply chain. In order to do this, and get time back in your day, you need a customized logistics strategy.


The problem is governing regulations, the economy, and environmental issues aren't always clear, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unorganized.


We believe your business's lack of supply chain optimization could lead to stagnant growth and a decline in potential profits. We understand that supply chains and logistics management can be a complex and daunting task to undertake. That's why we developed fluid strategies and customized services that removes the nuanced guess work and solves your logistics clogs.


Here's how it works. You schedule a call with us, we will analyze the current market you're navigating, and then create an effective supply chain strategy that we will then integrate and execute together.


Call us today, so you can stop wasting your time with regulatory delays and start trusting the efficiency of your supply chain to scale your business.


Who We Serve

Our clients understand the value of the logistics process. They know that supply chains, not businesses, compete. We work with leading companies to build their strategic advantage.

Chemical Industries

Bio-Pharma | Innovation | Emerging Products

Plastics | Resins | Bulk Raw Materials



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